Why Do People Do That?

The Second Mini-Blog Series

The world is full of daft customs and weird things people do. Whether an old wives tale or deeply rooted in some kind of scientific fact, there are plenty of little intricacies in every day life.

Throwing salt over your shoulder or clapping when someone sneezes are not exactly what I’m talking about. Superstitions and fairytales aren’t really what I’m saying. I’m talking more about the kind of thing your nan does or says. Things where there’s a reason for doing it, but most people who do it have no idea why.

There’s plenty of them in the world of drinking wine and spirits, some old, some new, but all seem a bit far fetched until you know. Over the next few posts the new mini-blog series with be explaining a few of the random things that drinkers do and why.

I’m only going to do a few, but if you want something looked into, then feel free to post me back and I’ll have a go for you. In the meantime, I’ll make a start…


3 thoughts on “Why Do People Do That?”

  1. I know there is a logical reason but why use so many different glasses for wines? Do they make the wine taste different? For example, if you drank red wine out of a champagne flute.

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