Why Breathalysers Are A Must Have For The Wine Trade


I picked up a bit of kit the other day that’s going to really help me out with what I do.  Bear in mind that my job doing wine sales, writing, and tours involves the awkward bed-fellows of booze and driving, and you have to be very careful with yourself. So my new Breathalyser is a welcome addition.

I have a few disposable ones in the car anyway as it’s law now in quite a few countries that I drive in to have one anyway.  But this is a handy pocket digital bugger that I can carry around and use again and again.

Drinking & Driving In The Same Night Is Just Wrong

I used to work at a pub when I was at college, and it was there I learned first hand the dangers of drink driving.  These completes fucktards would nail 10 pints (at least) and then jump back in their cars and drive home through residential streets.  Crashes were a regular occurrence, and I still remember the night one of them hit a kid on the way home.  Luckily non fatal, but still, what a knobhead!

So I’ve never ever had a few drinks and got in my car ever.  I don’t even hold for this “oh I can have one” rubbish.  Just don’t bother, have a Coke.  Why the limit isn’t completely a flat zero, I’ll never know.

The Hidden Worries

My biggest worry though is the morning after.  I like doing deliveries first thing in the morning.  Less traffic, no congestion charge, you can ping around pretty quick.  But you can forget how long it takes alcohol to leave your system.  A mate at uni lost his licence when stopped driving home the next morning, waaaaay over the limit still.

You’ve also got to look at day-long tastings, where even though you’re spitting out you can still take on more than you think.  You need to be mindful of it.

So easiest and cheapest way?  Get one of these little beauties, then you don’t have to worry, do you?



Alcohol is a drug.  If you’re unsure about the facts regarding alcohol and the way your body copes with it please make sure you check out the Drink Aware website.

Photo – BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer



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