When UK Wine Hour Goes Live…


Sorcha Holloway has started something pretty special.  Her hourly Twitter chat, UK Wine Hour kind of just popped and is now fast becoming one of the biggest forums for wine lovers in the UK to chat amongst themselves, from the comfort of their own homes, and with a glass of something they love in hand.

When it all started going well, Sorcha started having a think about doing a live event, twice a year or so, where these wine-o’s had a chance to meet face to face, not just with each other, but with some of the brands that are on show week in week out.

The latest one was at the end of November at the Women’s University Club in swanky Mayfair.  It was great to see and meet so many of the Twitteratti from the UK wine crowd, with a massive mention to Lee Isaac who went on to entertain the crowd with a thirty minute stand up routine…he’s available for wedding, christening, and bar mitzvah gigs apparently.  Anywhere there’s wine 😉

What I’d say for next time is that the whole thing is set up for you now, with great exhibitors (including Paso Primero, Langham Winery, Codorniu, and Errazuriz) so if you are a wine lover and you want to come on down, then please make sure you get in touch with Sorcha either on her personal or UK Wine Hour accounts where details will be posted for future events.



Make sure you follow UK Wine Hour on twitter for all Thursday evening chats, and details of upcoming live events…oh, and give Sorcha a follow too, she’s a good person 😉

…and yes I know the picture is of an old flyer, I had a belter of Lee Isaac entertaining the troops, but I’ve bloody lost it!!  Sorry Lee 🙁



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