When Places Just Smash All Your Expectations!


I’m off on my travels at the minute. I’ve got a week in Northern Italy to get some much needed landscaping done, and then as soon as we drive back to the UK I fly off to Primeur week with all the other Millesima blog award winners. So yesterday and the day before we headed down through Eastern France with a stop over in a town called Troyes. I’d heard it was somewhere you had to visit at some point, and I’m really glad we did!

It’s this tiny little city in the southern tip of the Champagne region. They don’t make a lot of wine round there, it’s not like Epernay or Reims, but it’s close enough to latch onto the bubbles made round the area. And why not, eh? We met up with Paul and Benedicte from Lazenne who live up the road and went on a Champagne Bar crawl…you know…as you do!

Then there are the buildings round there. It’s all ye olde wooden facades and timber frames and all very 1500s, with these little windy streets all eventually leading to either an amazing cathedral or a gothic church.

And to finish it all off there was the slap up meal we all had at the back of one of the best wine shops in town. The wife and Paul braved the traditional tripe sausage, which was actually pretty tasty, but did it really beat Benedicte’s veal? Or my beef cheek? To be fair, given we all went a bit crazy and had ourselves a magnum of 2009 Hermitage, a red wine from the Northern Rhône made from Syrah, a bacon sandwich would have worked, but I wasn’t complaining!

Great food, great wine, and a really beautiful and chilled out little place. Yeah I think I’ll come back here!




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