What’s The Point Of Dry January?

dry jan

Ok people, it’s rant time! Now some of you will be pointing out that obviously I have a vested interest in bashing “Dry January” given that I work in the wine industry. But it really isn’t like that. Sure I lose out on sales, and business gets a bit slow, but that I can cope with. It’s the idiocy of the idea that winds me up more!

Dry January is where people give up alcohol for January. This is supposedly to give their livers a break from the pounding it may have taken over December. It gets a lot of promotion through cancer charities, even suggesting that people should get sponsored to do it. Ok, fair enough so far. Charities need to come up with a gimmick to get more people donating, I do get that. Hence the more recent “Sober for October” campaign appearing too. Those charities do great work and need money. No problem with that.

Two things that don’t work in my head about all this. The first is blindingly obvious. Don’t drink in January, and then get straight back on it in February. Pound your liver for 11 months and then think a month off is going to make a huge difference?????? Get real! The big push needs to be around changing lifestyles. Drink less, but drink better. Get into the swing of having at least 3 days off alcohol each week for the entire year!

The other thing that winds me up about it is that every single poster I’ve seen has a glass of wine on it. A pint of tasteless, moronic lager? No! A glass of some sickly sweet, poorly made shooting liqueur? No! They decide to bash the wine industry. Wine is a perfect example of an alcoholic drink that you can incorporate into a healthier lifestyle. So why pick that to have a go at?

Look, if you’re having a go at it, good luck! I just can’t help thinking you’re missing the point though.






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21 thoughts on “What’s The Point Of Dry January?”

  1. Is this a UK thing, because coming from Canada I’ve never heard of dry January? Needless to say living in France now the French would just laugh in your face, if you told them they have to go an entire month without having a glass of wine with their meal. Pretty sure the Italians would side with the French 🙂

  2. I agree with you. I’ve not said anything on my blog, but my recent post had, as a bit of a mantra “…sipping good wine…” What most commenters noted was the “wine” bit rather than the “good”. I’ve been known to refuse a drink if the wine’s been awful. Similarly, if the alcohol on offer is not to my taste. My (our) view on the dry January is one that in my head should extend to the annual detox if one has a relatively healthy lifestyle? But that’s a rant for another time.

    Actually, in defence of one commenter, though, she did see it as a metaphor, which I suppose that matra is.

  3. Great post champ! As soon as I saw this on Twitter I knew exactly what you were going to say. I’m with you. If you need a dry January, or July as it sometimes is, then you might have a problem. Wine is the sap of the Earth and should be respected. In saying that, we’ve had a million views so far of that SauvBlanc image on our Facebook page and it’s still growing after almost a week so we’ll play with the humour! 😉

      1. Yep, a million hits. Bizarre. The most viral thing we’ve had by far. We jumped from 6,500 FB followers to over 8,000 from it. Great, but what about the rest of those million? Slackers… 😉 No dramas using it, it’s not ours to own anyway. Can’t even remember where it came from.

  4. This is a new one, dry January…..tell that to my liver( he´s probably rolling around with laughter). Moderation is the way. But people, we are good a deceiving ourselves.

      1. Told you, you do have a way to telling (writing) a story or your thoughts on paper. Not all people find it easy to do specially with the ironic-funny humour of yours. You should write, ( I probably told you this before) you´re story, or based on you, with the funny-whicked-ironic-sarcastic way of yours as to how in the world you went from one job to this new venture, exagerating it a bit ofcourse since i´m sure you do have quite an imagination. Plus it´s a good old tale that Americans and really everybody should love, of how a person leaves the security of a job to pursue what he loves and actually ends up making it. It´s quite a story really.

  5. Dry January? Either you don’t truly love to drink or you have a drinking problem. I tend to ignore the latter and ascribe to the former. Ergo, Wet January!
    It’s like being vegan for a month of the year. How does that reflect consistency, principle, and fun?
    Keep posting and sipping, Mike. But sip responsibly.

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