What’s The Point Of Alcohol Free Wine?


I feel like I need to be apologetic as I start this. This isn’t going to be some balanced “well, on the plus side” kind of piece. This is me genuinely asking for your help. I’ve just read a Harpers Wine piece about this non-alcoholic wine brand called Eisberg and their plans to sponsor the Tour Of Britain cycling event which starts in a few weeks. Can someone help me out here? I’m still struggling to see the point of non-alcoholic wine!

So in the idea of fairness I’m just going to lay out a few things. Firstly, of all the non-alcoholic wines I’ve tasted, Eisberg has not been one of them. So when I talk of my experience with non-alcoholic wines then I’m sure I’m doing them a disservice by lumping them into the pot with overly manufactured crap that tastes nearly nothing like the alcoholic versions of the same grape and country and whatever else. I’m not having a pop at Eisberg here at all. Good luck to them and their business by all means.

I also get that, especially for sportsmen and women and the health conscious (me included) like the idea of a few nights a week without alcohol. Especially as I get older I find that having a clear head in the morning is hugely helpful, and the reducing the alcohol intake means reducing the calorie intake too. In a bid to still be able to look down and see my feet, I’ve got to go easy a few days a week. So a non-alcoholic drink pairing up with a sporting event, again, not having a pop at that either!

What I really don’t get, and I’m afraid I’ll always struggle to get, is what’s the need to have non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic drinks? They invariably taste markedly different to the alcoholic versions. Why not just drink a soft drink? I’m a bugger for lime and sodas personally, especially as it’s usually less than a quid for a pint in a pub. Not many calories in that either!

Look, I’m sure I’m missing something and I’d love someone to point it out to me. I’m not closed minded or anything like that, so happy to be persuaded otherwise, but right now I’m struggling to see the point.


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  1. I write the blog travellingcorkscrew.com.au and up until recently I would of thought similar thoughts to what you have outlined above. Until one of my readers asked me about this very subject. She loves her wine (especially Champas) yet has a cancer which is linked to estrogen, which means she’s supposed to be on low-to-non alcohol drinks to keep down her chances of things coming back. Therefore we’re now on the hunt for decent low-no alcohol wine in Australia 🙂

    1. Hey Casey, I know what you write, love your work! 🙂 Sorry to hear about your mate, has she found one yet? I just think we live in a world of artisan fruit juice makers these days, or is it the bubbles and yeastyness she’s a fan of?

      1. We’re still on the hunt for a decent bubbly – any recommendations let me know 🙂 Keep up with the posts, love your work too!

  2. When you cater a wine dinner for a group, it’s a good thing to have, as 1-2 guests are usually “on the wagon” and this way they at least don’t feel too awkward when everyone else is having wine…

  3. In my experience (studying, drinking, selling), no-alcohol wine divides the world up into two groups: vinophiles (who will never understand the concept of no-alcohol wine and would never drink it) and the rest (people who wouldn’t be bothered if actual wine disappeared from the planet). My impression is that it’s a case of ‘US’ and ‘THEM’, haha.

    I’ll bet that Casey’s wine-loving reader will enjoy the low-alcohol wine, but not the zero-alcohol one. And most people buying it are doing so because of what Ronit Penso says.

    Cheers, All!


  4. It is the same point as decaffeinated coffee and so many other such like products.
    I have a friend who’s winery sells container loads of these wines to Asia, both to the Muslim countries and the non-Muslim countries who want to celebrate but won’t/can’t have the alcohol.
    I think it is fabulous in making celebrations more inclusive and more responsible.
    Sometimes I am the “designated driver” for some of my friends, and so I drink non-alcoholic sparkling wine to still be part of the lunch/dinner/whatever.
    I don’t drink decaf but I also don’t pooh pooh those people who do.

    1. ah absolutely, not deriding it at all. You’re absolutely spot on, it’s a celebration drink, especially the bubbles, my point is more that there are a huge amount of really interesting alternatives. Trying to think now about when F1 hits the middle east, I think they toast a win with sparking rose water don’t they?

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