What’s Italian for Blossom Hill?


A wine I tried recently was a sparkling Zinfandel rosé from Blossom Hill. Blossom Hill is a massive American wine brand, churning out millions of bottles a year to the wine drinkers of the world. They specialize in crowd pleasers because, let’s be fair, they have to. Problem with crowd pleasers is that they’re usually not that exciting, and usually well avoided by people who are into wine for a few reasons. But this one was a bit different.

Bubbly Lollipop

Not different in terms of taste. It still tasted like a bubbly lollipop. If you’re into that then fair play to you, but it’s not really what I’d go for if I had the choice. But a great party drink, right? When you’re off out and about later on, get a few glasses of chilled, sweet, bubbly candy in you to get you on your way.

Wine of Italy

What was a bit different here was that it had a big “Wine of Italy” on the side of the label. Wine of what, now? Well turns out that Blossom Hill makes this stuff in Piemonte, one of the top quality wine regions in Italy, if not the world. Where do you get Zinfandel in Piemonte?? The grapes are likely grown in Eastern Europe, shipped to Piemonte for processing, and then whacked on the shelf in Tesco for not very much.

Global Brand

The world of a global wine brand, eh? US brand, Italian made, and grapes from…ahem…somewhere. But would you care when you’ve got to get a couple of glasses in you before the taxi arrives?




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