We’re With You Bones!


Just saw an article in the week about a mosaic they’ve uncovered in Turkey. It’s apparently from some rich fella’s dining room over 2,ooo years ago. What it shows is a skeleton lying back, glass of wine in one hand, urging the diners to “be cheerful, and enjoy life!” A cracking sentiment there Bones, I’m with you!

It started me thinking about why it was put there in the first place. I’m in the wine industry now and loving it following nearly ten years of struggle in the banking world. For those years I completely lost the perspective on remembering to enjoy life and, thinking about it, could have done with a daily reminder to “be cheerful, and enjoy life.”

So all of a sudden I’m thinking two things. Firstly, that the ancient Greeks clearly needed reminding of this too. Stress and strain in life is, of course, nothing new and reading between the lines the teachings of guys from Socrates to Plato is all about how to live better. Secondly, and most blatant, is that enjoyment in life usually involves a glass of wine in one hand!

Couldn’t agree more




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