New Wine This Week 61 – J is for Jerez


Well sod it then. You can all feel a bit of my pain this week. I’m mad revising all about sherries and ports and all things fortified, so it’s all a bit too much like fate that this week’s letter was J!?!   Jerez it is then!

Jerez is the actual name of the drink, and the region, that us Brits call Sherry. I’m told it has something to do with the fact that no-one could pronounce it properly, so it got called Sherry instead. Knowing how crap we are with foreign languages, I can imagine that that’s true!

I have to say, I love the stuff, and you lot will too at the end of all this! What I want you to do this week is go out and buy a selection of Sherries. You’ll see what I mean when you check out my picks for the week…


Tio Pepe Fino @ £10

La Gitana Manzanilla @ £8

Taste The Difference Amontillado @ £8


Waitrose Solera Jerezana Fino @ £10

Waitrose Solera Jerezana Palo Cortado @ £10

Waitrose Solera Jerezana Amontillado @ £10



Photo: LA Times Magazine


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