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Following on from my first live tweet up session last week with the Villa Maria guys and girls, I’m back worryingly quickly to do it all again! I’m going to do a take over of the twitter feed for the CIVB’s UK account. The CIVB are the marketing body for the wines of Bordeaux, and they’ve got a big old job on their hands! 

What Do The Bordeaux Team Need To Do?

Working day in day out with wines from Bordeaux I see it a hell of a lot. People have this idea about Bordeaux and the stuffiness of it all. Reds are overpriced and undrinkable until they’ve sat in your cellar for 30 years. Right? Obviously that’s mostly horseshit, but for whatever reason people have perceptions, unfortunately they’re there and you’ve got to change them.

I try with my wine dinners and markets and all that with my time at 20h33. The bubbles, the whites, the rosés, and the “normal priced” reds get great reviews and the CIVB team are doing exactly the same, just on an ever-so-slightly larger scale 🙂

What Are We Doing this Time?

So, the plan is that people tweet into @BordeauxWinesUK using the hashtag #AskBordeauxUK. The theme is Christmas food and drinks parties. So you’re meant to ask about what wine goes best in this scenario, or with that food, or something along those lines. Then muggings here is sat at the other end of the internet answering as best as I can. Simple really.

When’s It Happening?

So looks like it’s going to be next Thursday, the 15th December, between 1pm and 3pm UK time. Is that lunchtime? I never know these days. Well that’s what we’re aiming for anyway.


So get your thinking caps on, get the questions in on Twitter, and let’s get chatting about Bordeaux wines!





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