Trying To Take Better Photos Of Wine


When I started the blog a couple of years back it was all a bit of a blur. I was just trying to throw content out there, which to a certain extent isn’t the worst thing to do at the start. You’ve got to post and be consistent. Over the time you work out what your blog’s going to be about and the format and that. I wanted small, punchy blogs every day that you can read it in a minute and you don’t get bored. With that you need the photos, which was my biggest challenge!

I read a blog called Food Wine Click by a fella called Jeff Burrows. The man just wins hands down over the majority of bloggers with his fantastic photos. The guy’s got some serious skill. It’s incredibly professional and a level I can only dream of achieving. Too many bloggers (including myself) take the same shot of labels from the same angles all the time. It’s just boring to look at!

There are a couple of ex-colleagues of mine. Aubelia, who runs the Our Breadcrumbs Trail blog, and the wonderful Aneta who has her own wedding photography business. They’re serious players on Instagram, a relatively new venture for me. They’ve been great with hints and tips about Camera+ and SnapSeed apps on my phone. I’ll just keep messing around with them all.

Then there is JB.  My colleague at 20h33, who is pretty damn good at all this.  He rolls his eyes every time one of my measly efforts makes it onto our Facebook page.  He’s got the eye for a photo and goes for it.  He says it’s all about the gallic flair.  Woteva! 

All of these guys and girls have been great with hints and tips, and it just goes to show you how much talent is out there. You get someone on about their passion, be it photography, or wine (like me), you can really learn a lot from them.

Hope I do you all proud in the future.





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