Trying To Stick To The 3:4 Plan

3-4 plan

I had a mini rant a few weeks back about Dry January. From what I can work out it’s just a bunch of self-righteous buggers who haven’t learned to drink in moderation trying to prove to themselves they can do it. If they get straight back on it in February without changing their habits then there is a sum total of zero lasting health benefit. It’s all about the 3:4 plan!

That’s basically where you have at least 3 days a week where you don’t touch anything alcoholic. And you do that for the rest of your life, not just 4 weeks. You can pick your days, you can shift them around, it’s up to you. Ok, best not to have the 4 drinking days in a row, but otherwise go for it.

Two things I struggle with. Firstly, the more I go to trade tastings the harder it gets to not actually swallow any of the wine. Usually you’re there trying 50-100 wines in a day, sometimes more, so you need to spit it all out. But when you’re tasting a really nice wine it just feels wrong to spit it out. My will power’s just not there for that. So that messes up the days where otherwise everything gets spat out and I scuttle home for some dry bread and water.

The other thing is on the days you do drink you should still moderate how much you have. Problem here is that after a couple of glasses that sketchy will power of mine flies out the window and I’m already picking the second bottle out the rack. That’s not great. I mean, it is in a way, cos it’s my hobby and I love it, but in the grand scheme of things I’m not up for keeling over in ten years with liver failure.

Time to get back on message I reckon!




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