Trump Winery Backfire


I loved this story. It’s a classic case in point of how not to do it. The National Organisation of Women and their stand against Trump Wineries backfired dramatically.

Not A Political Rant

Now before you worry, this isn’t going to be a political rant or anything. I learned long ago that you should never do that on blogs or social media unless you’re prepared for people with the other view having a pop your way. Well I’m not up for that, so I’ll keep my views on the Trump administration to myself, or until I get drunk next time.


So the National Organisation of Women decided in their wisdom to call for a boycott of a certain chain of stores in Virginia because they sell Trump wines. They’re not the biggest fan of The Donald and his son Eric who runs the winery. #StopTrumpWine appeared within hours on social media, and a potential blockade was predicted.

Sold Out

Well guess what happened? Fans of the wine flocked to the shops and bought every bottle they could get their hands on. That chain of shops has completely sold out of Trump Wines. Nice one ladies!

Sage Advice From Oscar

Think it was Oscar Wilde who said the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. Don’t create the buzz for them. Think of that next time you want to take a stand like this…




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