Working with wine has made me really conscious about how much I drink. Alcohol is a drug and we’ve got to be careful about all this, you can’t just go around necking a full bottle of every wine you want to try every night.  So one of the most important tools you can have in the house is a damn good wine preserver, and one that’s been making waves round the world since its launch in 2009 is Zzysh.



Easy peasy!

Zzysh is a wine preserver tool that uses the inert gas, Argon, to cover the wine left in a bottle and stop it from getting oxidized and spoiled.  The manufacturers claim that using a Zzysh will prolong the life of the wine in the bottle to over 3 weeks.  I’ve been having a play, I’m on about a week and a half at the minute, and pretty good so far!

It’s hand held, it’s small enough to fit in a drawer, it doesn’t look like you can break it too easily (useful in my house!), and it’s pretty fool proof to use…once you’ve had a quick glance at the instructions.

They also make one for sparkling wine too, with a specially designed stopper that copes with the extra pressure, so all you bubbles lovers are covered!




Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 16.22.17
Not many moving parts, can’t go wrong!

It’s the old joke whenever you talk about wine preservers.  “Leftover wine?  What’s that? Hahaha”.  Yeah, nice one.  Funny stuff.

There really is such thing as leftover wine.  There are plenty of weird people in the world who have sometimes convinced themselves that they don’t like red wine or sweet wine or whatever.  If you live with someone like that then you’re on your own, and you don’t always fancy nailing a full bottle of something good in one go.

There’s also that occasion you come back home on a Wednesday from work, the week’s been a shithouse so far, but you’ve made it past humpday.  You deserve a glass of something nice over dinner, but you’re trying to be good and keep it to one or two at the most.

You’ll note I’m talking about “something good” a lot.  Are you going to splash out £70 on a preserver if your price range for wine is £7 or less?  Probably not. Having said that, you’re probably not reading this blog either, so there is that! 😉




Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 18.08.39
Some happy campers this lot…

So these preservers are £70 for the starter kit.  That’s a preserver, a stopper, and your first gas canister.  Extra gas canisters come in a pack of 5 for £20 a pop.

It’s about slap bang in the middle in the prices of these preserver gadgets.  On the entry level you’ve got the vacuum systems with the hand pump that do a job for 3 or 4 days, and are damn good value at £10 a kit.

On the other end of the scale you’ve got your Coravins.  Now I’ve never used one of those buggers, but I’m told they’re great. Well, they’d bloody well have to be at £250 a go.

I think you get a Coravin if you’ve got ridiculous high end wines in your cellar. I think you get a vacuum system if you’ve got a bar and you have a few wines by the glass that get drained in a couple of days.  I think the Zzysh seems to do a bit of both, whilst also being for the more serious wine-o at home, but maybe one on budget which, let’s face it, is most of us.  Not a bad slot for them to be in.


If you’re into wines, have some nice bottles in the rack, and are trying to avoid getting hammered everytime you want a taste, have a good look at the Zzysh. It’s a neat little tool.





For more information head over to https://zzysh.me/uk/en/ for full product list and to buy online shop




I was approached to write a sponsored blog for Zzysh.

I promise that I will never write anything about companies where I do not support their products and what they’re trying to do.

The companies are forewarned that if I don’t like it, I won’t write about it.

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