Time For A Bit Of Bag-In-The-Box Action!


Would you buy a bag in the box wine? I guess your answer tends to depend on where you’re from. It’s been an ever present in the Aussie wine market for years, but for in the UK where I’m from, there’s still a big stigma about it. Most of the bag in the box stuff in the 80s and 90s was dreadful cheap stuff in an era where there really was dreadful cheap stuff! But is it time for another look?

Well I thought I’d have a go over here for the summer. A mate of mine who makes wine in Italy does bag-in-the-box Dolcetto for the locals. So I picked up a 10 litre box off him. It’ll keep me well lubricated for the days, and gives me a chance to test it out.

In terms of packaging, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s cheaper and more ecologically sound than glass bottles. There’s evidence out there to show that it’s not exactly ideal for ageing, but most wine isn’t for ageing anyway. So no worries there. Fruity reds, light whites, still rosés, why not, eh? 

If you’re having a party or a barbeque or something like that then surely it’s ideal. A 10 litre box for £75 would do the trick. That’s just under £6 a bottle, and if it’s good wine then it ticks all the boxes.

I’ve had a few glasses so far, and the wine’s definitely good. Let’s see how it lasts!



6 thoughts on “Time For A Bit Of Bag-In-The-Box Action!”

  1. It makes sense if there’s only one of you having one glass a night. I don’t drink, so my husband is forever throwing away wine because he can’t drink enough to get through a bottle. Box wine is also good to have in the fridge for cooking.

  2. Last year in France, my friends (French) were raving about it. They love the convenience and preservation of the wine over several evenings. Ok, so they wouldn’t be keen on a Grand Cru Bordeaux appearing in one of these, but for every day drinking I think the stigma is fading. I however haven’t quite got over the 80s experience of them

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