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4th Jan

2016? Shit the bed, how have we got here already? Hope everyone had a great Christmas/New Year and all that stuff. I had a few days off from blogging and did the recap of what’s gone on in 2015 and what can be done better next year. Same stuff as every year, but one or two surprises coming up this year for you all.

We’ll start this year with a post on my Christmas drinking. I see people on twitter and instagram posting so many pictures of wine they’ve drunk I’m surprised they had time for anything else!! I wasn’t that bad, but managed a few great wines. I’ll talk about the highlights of what I got stuck into.

I’ll be nattering about my thoughts on Dry January. I have my reasons for thinking this is a strange thing to be doing, but maybe not the reasons you’re thinking.

I’ll be chatting about being involved in Wine Secret Santa with the lads and lasses at Vinspire UK. I got a very interesting bottle turn up at the door, and one I’ve not actually drunk yet. So a bit of a preview of that one coming up.

And finally, as with most people in the New Year, I’ve been thinking about what I need to get done this year. I’ll have 3 absolute “must achieve” points in print at the end of the week.

Thanks for everyone’s support in 2015, and wishing you all a top 2016!





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