This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

7th December

What is it with the winter? I literally have a 5 second commute from one end of my flat to the other to start work. It’s not exactly the toughest in the world, but I still really struggle to drag myself out of bed and get on with work. Trouble is that leads to the rest of the day slipping a bit, so once again last week I missed a day of blogging. D’oh!

But never fear you boys and girls that are still wondering what I’m recommending for Christmas fortifieds and sweet wines, I’ll be finishing up my blogs for La Playa tomorrow with my three picks to have a go at over the festive period. Bring on the Christmas cakes and chocolate, these three will sort you out!

A couple of weeks back a wine-o friend of mine sent me a copy of his new book to have a read through. Simon Woods, based up in Manchester has written and now re-edited “I Don’t Know Much About Wine, But I Know What I Like”. I’ve read it cover to cover and will be letting you all know my thoughts.

I recently dragged a few mates into a cocktail making competition for the guys and girls at Luxx PR. I’m not exactly a mixologist, so was great to have a few guinea pigs to help me come up with a few flavours. I’ll be letting know what we came up with and how we did!

And finally this week, there’ll be a bit on my recent trip to Paris. More specifically my afternoon sipping Armagnac and tucking into macarons. I’ve never been much of a brandy drinker, but this stuff has just changed my tune. I’ll let you know why at the end of the week.

Hope you all have fun weeks ahead





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