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It’s funny to talk about last week without mentioning what happened in Paris. But I feel I have to. Until a few days have passed, I’m not sure I could write anything about it without saying something that I might want to retract at some point. So for now, I’ll just say that I hope you all can spare thoughts over the next few days for the victims, their families, and the French nation. In the mean time, we’ve got to get on with our lives, and in my case that’s talking about wine, however insignificant that might sound.

Last week was my second trip down to the Wine Australia blind tasting session. Rocking up dressed in my football kit did raise one or two eyebrows, but once I got going it all started off great. How it went from there is a topic for discussion!

I was also very lucky to be invited down to Port giant, Sandeman’s 225th Birthday Party in London. Belting night, where I got to have a great chat with the main man George Sandeman himself. I’ll be talking port cocktails and the woes of standing too far away from the canapés.

I’ve also finally got round to re-entering the brilliant Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. After a couple of months hiatus I’ve got an entry sorted for this month’s topic “pairing”. I’ve be posting that out later on in the week.

I’ll also finish up with a quick one on Christmas fizz. Now personally the idea of talking about Christmas before December really irks me, but every other bugger under the sun seems ready to talk about it, so screw it, might as well!

Have top weeks all




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