This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

5th Oct

Feels weird to be writing this post from back in my old haunt of the summer. I’m sat in the café in Piemonte, just down the road from my parent’s gaff, stealing borrowing their wi-fi for the afternoon. It’s only a flying visit, following on from my sister’s second wedding in two weeks (alright for some!), but it’s been great to see the place and everyone again!

This last week it’s been a mixture of stuff going on. I’ve been continuing to help out with La Bodega Des Frenchies and raising money for ex-French rugby star Serge Betsen’s Academy in Cameroon. I’ll be writing a quick piece on what they’re all up to.

I’ve had another couple of tasting days. One was down at Wine Australia, getting to grips with Aussie winemakers having a go at Italian grapes. I’ll be doing on post on how that project’s going.

The other was Sainsbury’s winter wine tasting. I’ll be doing a write up of my favourite 5 wines from the tasting. These are ones to tuck into as the winter nights draw in.

And lastly there’ll be a post on the weeding this weekend just gone. I’ve done some posts in the past few days about wedding food and wine and all that. Well this puppy just reset the bar! I’ll be waddling back to blighty tomorrow!!

Anyone up to anything good this week coming? Let us know!





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