Think Californian Wine Is Too Punchy? Have a Read through This…


I’ve just sent off my California wine pieces to the editor at The Buyer. It’s the online wine magazine I write for in the UK. I’m really chuffed that they’ve backed me the way they have and hopefully I’ve not written anything too daft just yet! Following on from my great trip out to San Fransisco to visit Napa and Sonoma, I’ve finally finished off the three pieces I’ve written, and number one is online now!!

Tackle the reputation

I thought for number one I’d go for the slightly awkward topic of the price of these wines. I really hope they understand why I’ve done that. In the UK the reputation of Californian wines is that the good ones are really good, but my life they’re expensive! My trip out there did little to assuage the price aspect, but the more I saw out there the more I realized why they cost what they do, and I wanted to write a positive piece about fantastic Californian wine and why they cost what they cost.

Put it into perspective

You’ve got to put it into perspective a bit really, so export markets stop getting so annoyed with the higher price. There’s a few good reason they cost what they cost, they’re not trying to take the piss, and hopefully looking at the price in a different way will assuage a few opinions…

…anyway, see what you think!



6 thoughts on “Think Californian Wine Is Too Punchy? Have a Read through This…”

  1. Love the Raymond’s Winery and you are right it is unforgettable!! If you are ever in Texas be sure to make a stop in the in the Texas Wine Country (just outside of Austin) we’ve got some excellent wines coming out of that region in Texas right now 🙂 Sadly due to those pesky prohibition laws you mentioned you will be hard pressed to find any Texas wines outside of Texas.

  2. Went over and read the article. Excellent piece. I buy a Californian wine every now and then, but I always read the alcohol %, as it can get higher than I enjoy. California grapes are delicious, and sure come through in the wine.

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