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Most bloggers who have had a go at a few different bits of social media will all say the same thing.  Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever.  Most of the days it’s just about keeping it up to date, having a few fun chats with some e-mates, and the world just keeps ticking by.  But every now and again you get something that sparks your interest, something new, something worth reading up on.

I was lucky enough to get an email from a lass called Kyra, who’s based out in California.  I think to begin with she thought I was a US based blogger and we could share a bit of mutual “back scratching” in terms of PR for what we’re both doing.  Even when she found out I was way over the other side of both countries and a bloody great pond, she was still really helpful, kind, and forthcoming with some great info about what she and her company’s up to.

That’s Spicy Vines.

Spicy Vines - Picnic

I have to be fair and say that the first thing that caught my eye was the word “Sangria”.  Now I’m of the opinion that there are few better summer time drinks than this.  But I sat there thinking, Ihave absolutely no idea how you’re meant to make it.  Like everyone else, I’ve got my own bastardised version, two actually!  But I’m not sure the founding members of the Sangria club really had leftover Cava and Fanta Lemon in mind when they came up with it in the first place!


Kyra writes:

“During my research into spiced wine, I was surprised to learn that the original sangrias were chilled versions of spiced wine! Since it is almost summer, this is sangria season! So we decided to make sure we had many simple and gourmet sangria recipes available using our wine. If fact this is one of my favourite sangria recipes

Spicy Vines - Sangria


Now having read through those ingredients, it’s getting tough to not like the idea of spending your summers drinking that.  I’d probably knock out the champagne in favour of Cava, in terms of both price and the Spanish connection.  But you get the point.  And a couple of glasses of that on a warm evening and you’d be on your merry way wouldn’t you?!

Not sure whether Kyra knew this, but I’m a history nut.  I love stories.  I can’t write an essay to save my life, so there was never a vocation there, but throw a story at me and I’m all over it like a cheap suit!  So naturally the history of Sangria and of Spiced Wines in general was something I lapped up…


Kyra writes:

“Our wine is influenced by the ancient traditions of spicing wine that begun with the Egyptian Pharaohs and spread throughout Europe during the crusades. We have had a lot of fun studying the history of spiced wine…

Spicy Vines - wine and phraohs


I have to say, I like the bit about spiced wine or beer being safer to drink than water.  I’ve been saying that for years!


Kyra also writes:

“We’ve also collected quite a lot of information about the original Spiced Wine Sangrias…”


So there we go guys, more ginger and cinammon, less of the sweet crap for that truly authentic taste.  Guess that means Fanta Lemon is off the cards!

I want to thank Kyra for getting in touch and letting me in on the story of Spicy Vines, and the background behind what they’re trying to do.  I wish them all the best with their product.

Spicy Vines - food

Sure there’s lots of other uses for the Spicy Vines product (that you can find on their website), including fantastic ways to include it in your cooking, but for me it’s all about spreading the Sangria love!




Photo References (all from the Spicy Vines website):

– Only the cool kids drink Sangria
– The official “picnic” shot
– I’m sure it won’t look as nice when I make it, but that won’t stop me!
– Those pissed up Pharaohs, eh?
– Using Spiced Wine in BBQ glazes



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