The Right Way To Do Wedding Food!


Last weekend my sister got married. Did we ever think we’d see the day? 🙂 Only kidding, of course we did, and I’m lucky that the fella in question is a top guy and we’re all very happy to welcome him into the family. Especially after the two of the sorted us out with the best wedding meal I’ve ever had! 

Any of you out there who have got married before know this as an absolute fact. As soon as you pick a venue and then think about everything else, the cash register starts to tick over. If you mention the “W” word there’s almost this carton “cha-ching” sound coming down the phone at you. Things all of a sudden cost 10 times more for no other reason than this is your special day, and they know you’re stuck!

Well big sis and the doctor absolutely nailed it. Have the reception at a restaurant. I know a lot of people do it, but this is the first time I’d ever been to a reception at a restaurant. For someone like me, whose day is either good or bad depending on the food and wine I’ve had, it was spot on!

For the same price I paid at my wedding for some good, but nothing memorable food, we were treated to the best 5 course dinner Gordon Ramsey’s gastropub, The York and Albany, could come up with. Included were some incredible English classics to keep the Italians happy, which were done perfectly. Pea and ham soup, roast beef, trifle (with popping candy!), and petit four consisting of massive marshmellows. Not sure what the others were, I had my head planted in a bowl of those fluffy white clouds of awesomeness!

The wines were great too. Bit of Chapel Down English fizz to kick it all off, followed by Gavi di Gavi, Barbera, and Barolo from Paolo’s home region of Piemonte.

Can I recommend anyone getting married, think of your guests, head down a restaurant for the grub!





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