The Perils Of Finding Restaurants


One of the best ways to get my wines from 20h33 across to people is to get them in a room, crack open a few bottles, and throw some food them. The wine dinners have been really successful, and a great laugh, pretty much from the first one. So I decided it’d be a good idea to find new restaurants around London to do them at. That, ladies and gentlemen, has been a lot of hassle for not much reward!

I’ve learned that first and foremost you have to be on the same page as the restaurant. After all, I’m bringing in my wines for the tasting even though they clearly have their own wine list. The whole idea was that they sell some food on an otherwise quiet night, and I get the wines out there.

It works perfectly at La Ferme in Farringdon where owner Francois is trying to showcase what his kitchen can do and we get bums on seats. Unfortunately I don’t always get that. For example another restaurant I was using changed general managers and subsequently tried to change the deal.  All of a sudden i was looking at a charge me £25 corkage per bottle or asked that I give them some wine for free. I politely declined that generous offer.

It was pretty low class of them from my point of view, but from theirs you can maybe understand their point. If they don’t feel the need to have those extra bums on seats then why bother? 

I’ve found a place where it works and that I genuinely enjoy being. The food is great and the location is great. I can’t be arsed going anywhere else, especially when you have to keep explaining the point of it all to them. Francois, clear your schedule pal, I’m booking your place up!



Next dinners at La Ferme are the 5th and the 19th of October, get in touch if you fancy coming along!



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