The Perfect Remedy!

IMG_0986Wine geeks across London know about The Remedy. It’s a wine bar run by wine-o’s for wine-o’s. That’s not meant to put off anyone who just wants to pop along for a glass after work, it’s just that the stuff they have there is just…well…so damn interesting! We love it!

I was incredibly lucky enough to be invited down to check out their new food menu. It’s a stripped back affair, with every wine pairing favourite on it. But the best thing about is you don’t go cross-eyed looking at the expansive sprawl of ink. It’s such a turn off for me if the menus are too big.  Whether it’s the wine menu or the food menu.  It’s pointless.  Get good at a few things that work and stick with it!  And that’s what they’ve done.  It’s constrained. And it’s spot on!

Zeena, my lovely host for this evening recommended I start with a sherry cocktail. Bit of Fino, soda, and lemon peel.  Over ice on a hot day, I’m telling you now, give it a go!

But I was here to check out the new food menu, so what did we move onto?


  • A plate of oysters and glasses of Txacoli (a northern Spanish white)
  • Cod cheeks and glasses of Grüner Veltliner (the Austrian flagship white)
  • Toulouse sausages and chips with a glass of Saumur Champigny (Cabernet Franc, red wine from the Loire in France)

I mean, let’s be fair, you can read that and probably understand how gushing I was about it all, least of all because I LOVE Saumur-Champigny!

The Remedy has always been a great place for a top drawer “by the glass” wine menu, and this new food menu is just the ticket to turn it into a must for everyone, not just sad wine geeks like me.

You’ve got to go! I promise you David, Renato, and Dany will sort you out a top evening!





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