The Millesima Blog Awards – Trust Me It’s Worth It!!


Last year I was asked to enter a blog into the Millesima Blog Awards. It kind of came out the blue and I didn’t really know what the team at Millesima were after by asking me. I get a bit panicky when I think things look too easy or too good to be true. But dear me I’m glad I bit the bullet and did it. And fast forward 12 months and it’s open for entries for the 2017 award, and I can’t encourage enough to get some entries in there!

Top Drawer Prizes

Once they’d taken a couple of entries off me, it went to the judging panel who whittled all the entries down to 18. 3 entries into each of three categories, one lot for Europe, one lot for the US, they’ve also added Asia for 2017. If you get into that last group of finalists you get a prize anyway (which is very cool but I won’t tell you what it is). If you win your category and are one of 7 winners then you get whisked to Bordeaux for an all expenses paid jolly around Primeur week with amazing access all over the gaff. I can’t tell you amazing it all was.

How Do You Enter?

It’s free to enter. Just follow the link at the bottom of this post and sign up through Facebook. It’s the same old stuff about “liking the facebook page” and “tweeting it out to your followers”. Well of course it bloody is, and it’ll take you a couple of minutes, so stop moaning! 🙂

What Happens Then?

You sit back and wait really. The entries go off to the judging panel, of which yours truly has been roped in to be a member of. Suitable bribes are of course more than welcome! Only kidding Millesima people, don’t panic! Once all that’s done you spend a couple of weeks getting all your mates to vote for you and cross your fingers.

It’s a lot of fun, and you’ll be in touch with some lovely people. If you’re half as lucky as I was with the group of winners I got to spend the week with, then there really will be a truly unforgettable prize waiting for you at the end.

Good luck and get those entries in!



Enter the Millesima Blog Awards by clicking here



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