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Lidl Whites

So last week I headed off to the Lidl winter wine tasting down in Angel in London. They absolutely pinged the venue, I really liked it. It was this thing called A-Space which gets rented out for all kinds of things like corporate events, or modeling shoots, or closed gigs. Just had a very easy going atmosphere in there, which helps you get you head on the wine better I think.

Anyway, I made it through the wines and beers and here are my top 3 whites to keep your eye out for…

The Everyday Drinker


Bourgogne Blanc, Philippe de Bois d’Arnault, 2014 (Burgundy, FRA) @ £7.99

This one had a really lovely, smooth character to it. It’s a pretty easy going entry to the sometimes toppy world of white burgundy. In terms of tastes, there are smokey green apple flavours, stone minerality, and a grapefruit citrus kick. There’s oaking, but it’s fairly subtle. The finish was nice and creamy too. You can well imagine this one with a fish pie to keep you warm in the winter!

The Special Treat


Riesling Grand Cru Ollwiller, Jean Cornelius, 2012 (Alsace, FRA) @ £8.99

I have to start of by saying at £9 this is an absolute bargain. Look, I’m a completely unashamed fan of anything Riesling, and this one ticked all the boxes. Loads of refreshing acidity, apricots and flinty minerality. Ok, there’s more on the nose than there is when you drink it, but it’s well balanced. Riesling and Asian food goes together like peas and carrots, so crack out the wok and open a bottle!

The Wildcard


Bergerac Blanc, Tour De Lonchat, 2014 (South West, FRA) @ £4.99

I stuck this one in as the wildcard just because of the price. I don’t get how anyone makes any money from selling a bottle of wine for £5, but as a consumer you’re not moaning if the wine is drinkable. I always find it’s very hit and miss down this value end, but this Bergerac Blanc was refreshingly tart, with peach, honeydew melon, and grapefruit flavours. Not the longest finish, but I reckon this is a fiver well spent!



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