The Family Connection In Champagne


So for the second and final trip of the day we headed off to Champagne Demilly De Baere, owned and run by Bénédicte’s uncle, aunt, and cousins. This was strange in an incredibly good way. Here we were at a serious Champagne set up, but because you’re there with family the whole thing was just one big laugh from start to finish. Helps to laugh when you’re drinking champagne too!

We rocked up quite late in the day, and it made it a bit difficult for uncle and aunt to spend time with us. Harvest was just round the corner (starting at 7am the morning after) so all the last minute prep was happening. So we kind of let ourselves in the tasting room and started our way through the range.

The range at Demilly De Baere is much more classic I guess you could say. They grow and mix in the Pinot Meunier to blends to complete the holy trinity of Champagne. But still, I have to say, the Pinot Noir in the blends still stood out. It’s excellent round these parts!

Bénédicte’s cousin, Vincent, joined us after a bit with his partner and their two kids. Now I don’t have kids, but now I’ve got nieces and nephews I’m working out that making funny faces, picking them up so they’re upside down, and running around a lot makes them laugh. So off I went!

After a bit of play we settled back into the premium end of their range. My favourite was unsurprisingly the Blanc De Noirs. Remember that’s a Champagne made from just the red grapes; Pinots Noir and Meunier. Given how great the Pinot Noir is round there, that all kind of made sense.

Once again I had to grab another bit of Lazenne wine luggage from Paul to get the haul home. And everytime I drink it now I can remember having a great laugh in the evening sun in Champagne. Not a bad memory to have, eh?





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