The Christmas Boozing Diary


I don’t think I went all that mad this Christmas just gone. When you work with wine all year round it’s not really a big release or anything. It’s your job, it’s your passion, and when it comes to celebration times I find myself picking other vices to go nuts with instead (chocolate!). Still had a couple though…

I really enjoyed working my way through a selection of dessert wines that the kind folks at Lidl sent me to try out. I’ve spoken before about the Pillitteri Ice Wine they sell for £15, which gave a great lift to a Norwegian creamy rice pudding. I also loved their Tokaji, the famous Hungarian sweet wine. We knocked that one back with some magnum ice creams!

Talking of magnums…we cracked open a couple of bottles I had knocking around. On Christmas Eve, with a Scandinavian meat feast, we opened up the Ramon Bilbao Rioja Crianza. That’s a red wine from the Rioja region of Spain with a bit, but not too much ageing. Leaves plenty of acidity (so refreshing) and fruit flavours. Great with the (sometimes stodgy) food.

We also nailed a magnum of Crozes-Hermitage (red wine from the Northern Rhone in France) with a beef and bacon stew on New Year’s Eve. I’d somehow ended up with this bottle at the end of a quiz night with the guys and girls from the Rhone Wines marketing board. Started the New Year off pretty well I can tell you! Such a rich wine, with a thick body that goes great with heavy stews.

We’re also running seriously low on our Crémant and Champagne stocks. Can’t beat a bit of bubbly with mates can you?


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  1. My only issue with the Lidl range, at least in the stores near us, is that they make a big deal of their wine scores but on closer inspection, the vast majority of scores were in the 80-85 range. In fact there were only 3 stand out bottles that I could see and, guess what? They were the Tokaji, the Icewine and the Niege Ice Cider.

    1. Don’t get too hung up on the scores. They’re done by their consultant master of wine for an internal scoring system. It’s also a UK MW that does it and he uses the full marking scale, unlike some who seem to start at 90 for an average wine and go up from there. Give them a try yourself, its the only way! 🙂

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