The Cherry On Top!


Before I went away to Piemonte for the summer, a fella called Rob had been in touch with me about meeting up and talking about his wine business and the very distinct products he sells. There are funny laws in Europe so I’m not sure whether to call it Cherry Wine, or Cherry-Infused Wine, or whatever. All I know for certain is we met up last week in Camden, had a taste, and a good natter.

Rob brings the Cherry Wine over from Le Marche in the East of Italy, where he and his missus have enjoyed top holidays. As with most of these things it begins with going out there, sampling the local products, and thinking “This is bloody good! Do you export to the UK?” Well nobody did, so here went nothing!

Rob kindly brought me a sample. It’s made by straining sugared sour cherries, and then fermenting the sour cherry pulp and cabernet sauvignon grape pulp together. After the ferment you add back the cherry juice to give that real fruity kick. The result? Sweet, full bodied, almost syrupy wine that is unmistakably cherry! It also has the background taste of the Cabernet grapes to remind you that this is definitely wine.  I can’t think of a better way of describing it. You know what they say about “if it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck…”? Well this is cherry wine through and through!

Rob sells it in many forms. If you go to any food festivals around the UK you’ll bump into him soon enough. Make sure you go say hi and give this a try. You can drink it, you can cook with it, or (as many of his bartending clients do) you can mix it with nearly anything! Illustrious names in the London bar scene such as the Berkeley Hotel and Nightjar, and stockists such as the Whisky Exchange and Hedonism Wines are behind him.

He’s found another fan here too. I wish him and his missus continued success!





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