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I’m in training at the minute to run the Marathon du Médoc. It’s a full marathon, so 42km, through the vineyards of the Médoc in Bordeaux. Slight twist is that it’s a wine marathon, with different châteaux along the route opening their doors to the runners to try their wines en route. They also kindly stick on food to keep you sustained on the way round, although foie gras and oysters isn’t what your typical top athlete boosts themselves with I guess!

As I sit here writing this I’m in pain. I did my longest training run to date yesterday evening by jogging 13km each way to play an hour long game of football. So all in I reckon I did about 32 km in 3 hours. My calves are buggered!! But the training that I was really nervy about has actually turned out to be not as bad as I thought (I’m listening to the Harry Potter books, don’t judge me!), so I’m slowly realizing this doesn’t have to be my first and only marathon.

So in the week when a mate of mine called Archie from Luvian’s bottle shop up in St Andrew’s mentioned a challenge he’s doing next year, it got my attention. He’s going to run what they call the Booze 4 to raise money for Wateraid. There are 3 full marathons and a half marathon. The 3 marathons are Medoc (wine), Jerez (sherry), and Belgium (beer), with the half marathon going around the stunning island of Islay (whisky). How cool do they sound??

Archie, I’ m not sure it was an open invite, but I’m keen buddy!!




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