The Best Wine Law You’ve Ever Heard!


I was there this Monday just gone in my “Rhone Valley” lectures for my diploma and heard a brilliant fact that I thought I had to share with you all! Apparently the winemakers of Chateauneuf-Du-Pape felt the urge to bring this into legal statute back in the 1950s and to this day it’s arguably the only wine law in the world to have never been broken…

As of 1954 it is illegal to fly, land, or takeoff in a flying saucer throughout the vineyards of Chateauneuf Du Pape. True story!

It came about as there were lots of supposed sightings of UFOs in the 1950s in France, so the mayor of Chateauneuf thought he had to take a stand against these pesky critters, whoever they were.

So there we go, it stands to this day, and so far no-one’s broken it. Or at least we don’t think they have!!!




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