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As a wine lover, you eventually decide it might be a good idea to collect some wine together.  We’re not doing it for showing off’s sake, it’s much more about seeing how the wine develops over time and also knowing that somewhere in the cellar or garage there’s a good bottle kicking around somewhere just in case.

Being a bit of pikey and a DIY enthusiast, I had a go at making one myself in my parents’ garage.  Slight issue there is I have to pay Dad tax, as the odd bottle tends to get drunk when I’m not looking!

When I was coming up with ideas I was all over Pinterest and came across this company up in Derbyshire, in the UK, that made some top end, bespoke wine racks and cellar solutions.  Blow me if they didn’t get in touch the other week to see if I’d feature them on the blog. Tell you what kids, if you’re in the market for new wine storage, you’re going to want to read this…




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Reminds me a lot of what I did in the garage…not!!


Part of A&W Moore up in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, this is a family run business that’s been making luxury racks, cabinets, and all the in between since 1977.  So they’ve got a bit of game by now, as shown by an impressive list of clients in the high-end restaurant and hotel scene, and plenty of private households, across the globe.

Look, I know you can just go on the web and read all this stuff for yourself, but we’re in this weird moment in Britain at the minute where we’re trying to work out what we offer and what we can actually do.  So to hear about a UK based manufacturer coming up with the luxury goods that’s being shipped around the world is a massive chink of light as far as I’m concerned.  Good on them!




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Doesn’t seem like much, but it adds some personality


Now normally, this gets completely ignored.  I’m aware I’m a blogger, so of course I’m going to say that blogs are important, but loads of companies just don’t bother.  They miss the point completely that this is something that makes an otherwise faceless, “A N Other” online business a lot more approachable and personal.

In a world when we’re moving away from bricks and mortar and into the world of the mob, you need something different.  So to see the blog offering articles on anything from organizational tips in the cellar to fun facts you might not have known about wine (apparently Oenophobia, an irrational fear of wine, is a thing?!) it just adds that personal touch in a way.  I quite like that if I’m honest.




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Sorry Dad, better luck next time 😉


When I was putting up the shelves in my own DIY-tastic effort, there was a lot of “that’ll do” being muttered.  Most things fit where they were meant to, and hopefully they’re still standing, although I do feel the need to check quite often.

In the world of fine wine though, some people’s bottles and collections are fairly hefty in price and you need to be storing them right, especially if you ever think about flipping a few on the market to fund your next purchases.  Not only are these things beautifully crafted, you can add in all the essentials for a high end collection such as air conditioning units and the sometimes invaluable cage and locking system. Especially if your dads are as fast fingered as mine!!



Next time you’re planning a cellar overhaul, make sure you look them up.




For more information head over to for full product list and how to get in touch



DISCLOSURE approached me to ask if I’d write a sponsored blog for them.

I promise that I will never write anything about companies where I do not support their products and what they’re trying to do.

The companies are forewarned that if I don’t like it, I won’t write about it.



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