I don’t go to that many supermarket tastings anymore.  Some I don’t get invited too (sob!), but in fairness I’m pretty chocker during the days with restaurant and 20h33 work.  But when I get a chance I do like to get down there and try what’s on offer on the supermarket shelves.  It’s where massive swathes of the UK wine drinking public buy their wines, so if I can help guide them to the better stuff, then it’s a heartfelt public service.

You’re welcome 😉

So Lidl’s winter wines then.  What we saying?  Here’s a top five for you to get stuck into if Lidl is your local…



Comte de Senneval Champagne Brut

£6.99 (half bottle)


I tried this one in a full bottle and in a half bottle and I know this’ll sound stupid, but the they did have a marked difference.  Go for the halves if you can.  All that champagne taste that you’re after, with toasty, smokey, green apple, and lemon sherbert were in there.  Spot on with your bacon muffins on Christmas morning!!



Ernst Wein Pinot Gris Grand Cru

Alsace, £10.99


Loads of fresh tropical fruit in this one, a far way removed from the tastelss Pinot Grigios of the mas market out there.  Nicely off dry, you’ll taste the sweetness that’ll pair this one nicely with boxing day turkey curry.



Dame de Clochevigne Rasteau

Rhone, £7.99


All those southern rhone flavours of ripe red and black fruit, lavender and rosemary, violet flower, and cracked black pepper.  This is a well made Rasteau, and it’ll be belting with any roast red meat or game.



Valpolicella Ripasso Classico

Veneto, £8.49


Lidl have got three really tasty Italians on the list, with the Chianti and Montepulciano both strong wines.  But this Valpolicella I think is more of a crowd pleaser.  Sweet ripe red fruit and hints of clove and milk chocolate, everyone will be after a second glass at least!



Pilliteri Estate Riesling Icewine

Niagara, £14.99


Lidl’s hook up with Pilliteri has been it’s consistent success story in the range. Ice iwne is made by letting the grapes freeze on the vine and concentrating sugars that way.  It leaves a sweet, unctuous wine, full of ripe tropical fruit, toffee apple, but still really fresh at the end.  Tarte Tatin anyone?


These wines will be available at selected Lidl stores across the winter months, or online at Lidl Cellar.  Check them out and see what you think.




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