The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men…


I’d love to be that person who can get a head start with jobs they need to do. But I’m just not that guy. Everything can be done last minute. I’m not actually sure why, maybe it’s cos I need the kick up the arse that the panic-induced-adrenaline gives you before I bother to do anything. Who knows?

Above is a picture of a tiny proportion of the “suggested reading” for one of the units of on my current WSET level. You’re meant to go through this thing called the Oxford Companion to Wine, and cross-reference those entries and get it learned. The OCW is the dictionary of wine, and it’s bloody massive. So here’s me thinking I needed to get going early doors. 

I’ve chugged it around Europe with me this summer, and with the best intentions of getting through it all. Guess where I am?! I’m on “Co-Operatives”. And yes, that is the start of the list up there in the top left. That’s pretty shit, even by my standards.

So even I’m now starting to understand why my Dad reckons I was responsible for his grey hair with my attitude to studying (he finally went completely grey during my A-Levels, my fault apparently!).

Difference this time is I love the topic, so come on lad! Let’s get the head down a bit!



10 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men…”

  1. 30 minutes a day! I set an alarm, and for those 30 minutes I’m heads down on whatever the task may be. Then you can always extend the task for another 30 if you are so inclined, good luck from one procrastinator to another!

  2. You where and are probably the typical guy that studies at the last minute for hours and hours on end and then gets a great grade.

    By the way did I just read in that thing “Politics and wine”, no wonder the world is as it is.

      1. And hopefully making the decisions and policies at that moment, not when they wake up the next day and say to themselves “damn, what in the world did I do….”

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