I wrote a piece a couple of weeks back, before I headed off to Rioja, basically saying that I felt like a complete idiot that I didn’t at least speak a few phrases of Spanish and that it was next on the language bucket list.  Especially for a wine-o.

It’s one of those things that “I’ll get round to it”, but something happened in Rioja that meant I came home and got the Spanish lessons on Audible near as damn it when I landed.  I was lucky enough to watch a fabulous masterclass chaired by Sarah Jane Evans MW, conducted entirely in Spanish infront of a room full of Spaniards.  And she nailed it.  Impressive stuff.

Masterclass Stage with all

In the world of wine, Spanish is clearly one of those languages you need to know.  I’m hoping that my current level of “I’ve visited Madrid” and “Have you prepared the coffee?” will progress to ordering wine at bars very soon!


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