The 2014 Blog Stats Are In!!! I’m Pretty Chuffed :)


As I close up things for 2014, with just a couple of Champagne posts to go before we hit the new year, I’ve just had through my stats from WordPress on how it all went in 2014…and I’m pretty chuffed!

I’ve had over 21,000 views across 118 different countries, which is absolutely nuts to me!

There’s plenty of bloggers out there, ones who I follow and love to read, who will knock those numbers right out of the water, and deservedly so!  Me though, I still remember starting this thing up just 18 months ago and struggling to get more than 5 views a week, so to get those numbers is absolutely mindblowing for me!

I’ve loved doing it, it’s given me so much, and I’ve had a great time chatting with you all about the absolute god-send that is wine!!!

Here’s to everyone’s success and happiness in 2015!

Cheers all


14 thoughts on “The 2014 Blog Stats Are In!!! I’m Pretty Chuffed :)”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff and participating in #NWTW.
    When you look at the countries that have stopped by, don’t you wonder where the hell in Mali they get their wine?
    Well done.

      1. the sun’s too strong for my ginga skin mate, but it’s a nice problem to have! Looking forward to sourcing some good stuff for #NWTW 2015!

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