That Sh*t Will Never Sell!!


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s with immense pride that I can write this blog. A good friend of mine that has a lifetime’s worth of stories from the drinks invention game has finally finished his book, and it’s out now to buy. But this isn’t just a mate’s book, this guy was the one of the principal ideas men behind…wait for it…Baileys!

A damn good story

David Gluckman, as long as I’ve known him, can tell a damn good story. I remember reading this book in one of it’s first edits and it was a belter then, can’t wait to see what the finished product is like.

That Shit Will Never Sell

The title of the book comes from an American marketing executive in the early 70s that took one look at Bailey’s and stated “That shit will never sell!” David started writing the book on the back of the news a couple of years ago that Bailey’s had just sold it’s 2 billionth bottle worldwide!!!

Read this book if…

Read this book if you’re in marketing, PR, idea generation, and or the drinks industry in general. You will love it!  This is the thought process, corporate bollocks, and the amazing sub plots behind some of Davd’s best (and worst) work including:

Le Piat D’Or
Tanqueray Ten

…it’s also full of blasts from the past for you who were drinking in the 70s and 80s with the likes of Purdey’s and Aqua Libre.

Get stuck in and let me (and David) know how you like it. You never know, he might even get a few more printed 🙂



To buy it, follow the link on the top corner of the book’s website



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