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I love the fact that as the months are going by you get the feeling that more and more people into their food, wine, and beer are heading back to the smaller, specialized producers. You look at the explosion of craft beers in the States, or in Italy, or in Argentina. Well if there’s one thing the Brits have always been able to do, it’s knock up a belting beer or two!

What’s not always been that easy is to get round the UK trying them all. Wouldn’t it be great if some bright bunch of lads and lasses set up a “direct from the brewery” distribution service?

That’s exactly what those clever chaps and chapettes at Eebria have done. These are a bunch of beer enthusiasts that have rolled the dice and are giving it a go.

But it’s much more than just a delivery service. They know their stuff. They’re tasters, pairers, beer sommeliers, and above all enthusiasts. We all know how infectious that can be, and if anyone can make a go of something like this, it’s these guys.

Also doing ciders, gins, and English wine, head down to see them at Taste of London this week, or get online and check out what they’re up to at www.eebria.com

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