Taking The Right Royal Piss Out Of Weddings!


Yesterday’s blog was about my sister’s wedding and how they absolutely nailed the reception. Today’s isn’t about getting the reception wrong by any means. It’s more about how much wedding caterers can take the piss something rotten!

I had a mate last year who was getting married in Cardiff. The day was lovely, the bride and groom looked fabulous, and honestly a great time was had by all. It was a lovely wedding. For the reception they booked out Cardiff Museum, which was stunning. Wandering round all these works of art in such a gorgeous building was a great touch. Problem for me was, I had a slight stone in my shoe over it all.

Knowing that I was just setting up in the wine business, my mate and his missus very kindly offered to try and buy the wine from me. I did them a deal on some great wine from Bordeaux and off they went to the caterers to check it was all ok. Well clearly not. The caterers got back in touch and said that the corkage, if they wanted to use their own wine, was nearly £20 a bottle! For just the corkage!!!!!!

End of the day this is because it prices you out of bringing your own wine. Their wine had some very entry level stuff that they sell at the princely sum of £25-£30 a bottle. It’s very drinkable stuff, don’t get me wrong, but it was the standard of decent supermarket own brand stuff. I.e. you wouldn’t pay more than £7 or £8 retail for it. Point is, they made it uneconomical to bring your own wine in, and then ripped your eyes out on the wines they sell you. It’s just a disgrace.

As I said, the rest of the day was great, and I know the happy couple had a good time. But that wine stuff really pissed me off!





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