Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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week ahead

I know, funny day for the week to start isn’t it? Well given that I work all weekend I thought it might be a good idea to take at least one day off a week to stop myself from going completely nuts. Tuesdays it is, so Wednesday is my new Monday. Hope it’s not going to mess anyone up!

This week it’s all going to be about my first session with a market stall at the Primrose Market. The ups and downs over the day were a massive learning experience. I’ll let you know how I got on.

I’m also in the process of finalising some business plans for a couple of projects in 2016. My first fully fledged business plans at that. All fun and games and once again, everyday is a school day. I’ll be chatting about how crash courses in accountancy and bottles of wine go pretty well together.

I also had a couple of occasions last week where I had to put up with a couple of wine Know-It-Alls. I’ll be talking about the usual guff that people come out with and how I manage to let it go…eventually.

I’ll finish off with a post about my final semester of the WSET Diploma. What am I looking forward to and what the road blocks are at the minute.

Hope you all have great weeks



Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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this week

Busy time at the minute with 20h33, with a mixture of wine dinners and sales for Christmas. But it’s definitely a good busy, so I’m definitely not complaining! I’m sure everyone’s gearing down into the year end at the minute, and why not eh? This year’s flown by for me, and I’m now giving it the old “can you believe it’s December already?” Starting to sound worryingly middle aged about it all!!

Interesting Or Boring, It’s Easier Than You Think To Cross The Line

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I went down the road the other day to meet up with some friends and family for a bit of Sunday brunch. I was sticking to my diet so I just went for a strawberry milkshake. Part of your five-a-day isn’t it? But one of the party was having a gin and tonic. Oh dear!

Waitrose Wine Tasting Highlights: The Whites

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Waitrose Wine Tasting

Last week I went down to the Waitrose Wine Tasting releasing their range for the autumn and winter of 2015/16. It’s another of these days where you walk into a room with knocking on 200 wines in there. I’m in there with all the great and the good of the UK wine press, and a few of them have to whizz round and make notes on each and every one of them. That’s pretty hardcore tasting!

Walking Blind Through Aussie Wines

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Blind tasting Aussie

Last Monday night I headed down to the Strand in London to do a blind tasting at Wine Australia’s monthly competition run down there. Blind tasting is the final frontier for me. In terms of knowledge about wine, there’s always more you can learn, but anyone can read a few books and retain a bit of knowledge. I’m all about improving my tasting skills these days. This was a great challenge.

Wine Merchants’ Wine

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These days there’s this thing about independent wine shops. We live in a world of superstores selling everything under one roof. There’s a case to be argued that the practically has been subbed in and specialism has gone out the window. That’s way we love our independent shops, none more so than in the wine industry. They know what’s going on, and we’re interested to hear what they’ve got to say for themselves.

This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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5th Oct

Feels weird to be writing this post from back in my old haunt of the summer. I’m sat in the café in Piemonte, just down the road from my parent’s gaff, stealing borrowing their wi-fi for the afternoon. It’s only a flying visit, following on from my sister’s second wedding in two weeks (alright for some!), but it’s been great to see the place and everyone again!

Getting The Tough Questions At Tasting Sessions

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Last week I ran a wine tasting for a group of guys and girls that were out on a works-do. One of them team building thingies. To me I think you’re struggling to do better in terms of team building than having a wine tasting. Ok the alcohol helps to open everyone up, but it’s also something that (with a gentle nudge) people actually like talking about.

Coming Up On Please Bring Me My Wine This Week…

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28th Sept

It was a pretty good week, last week, for me. Mostly because I didn’t have to sit infront of the computer all day long doing mind numbing admin tasks! I actually got outside into the free fresh air (well, as fresh as the air gets in London!) and headed off to wine tastings and meetings galore! The oyster card took a hammering, but was great fun.