Trying Rhone Wines

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So last week I headed down to this Rhone touch exhibition. As I said yesterday it was run by the Rhone wine marketing board in partnership with Central Saint Martins Art School. As much as having a great time and seeing all the cool stuff the students had come up with, it was also about getting the punters to have a try of the range of Rhone wines. How can you get stuck in yourself?

Getting Schooled In Pakistani Food With A Belting Chicken Korma

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Right so all the social media guff is out of the way for the week, we can get back onto the main business of talking about wine, and in this post food! Last weekend I met up with a mate of mine from my uni days up in Edinburgh. It was one of those that through one reason or another we’d not seen each other for ages, during which time we’d both got married, moved houses, and all that, so the catch up was long overdue!

#NWTW Week 17: The Verdict On French Viognier

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So I’ll be honest here.  Last week kind of fell apart a little bit due to my complete lack of forward planning, so apologies for firstly not posting this until the middle of Week 18.  Also sorry for the…actually I’m going to stop there, look it wasn’t the most efficient of weeks, but I tried three of the wines and here goes the review!

#NWTW Week 17: What to eat with Viognier

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I’m sat here writing this post from the beautiful hills of Piemonte, where I’ve managed to slope off to for the long weekend.  One slight issue with this is the complete impossibility of getting hold of a bottle of French Viognier out here.  Well never fear, I planned ahead and did all my tasting in the week (and suffered a suitable mid week hangover).  One thing I must admit is that I didn’t do the food pairing, I just didn’t plan in out.  But there’s no reason for you guys to do the same.

#NWTW Week 17: Viognier – One of The Wine World’s New Favourites

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Well as much as I say “new favourites”, it has been around a long time, it’s just that it’s always been such a pain for growers to get it right that other grapes were always a bit more commercially viable for those making it, and those drinking it.  Luckily for all concerned that’s beginning to change.

#NWTW Week 17: Sunning Grapes in the South of France

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As a British kid growing up in the 1980s, I’m fairly familiar with the South of France.  I’ve got all these memories of family holidays down at campsites on the coast.  Most of these memories revolve around my poor dad having to drive us from Liverpool to Perpignan via the Dover to Calais crossing.  Three screaming kids in the back.  Kylie Minogue’s latest album on repeat all the way.  Dad, thank you for not losing it!

#NWTW Week 17: Viognier, France (Part Two)

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Another week and another wine for me that I’m not really used to drinking much ofViognier.  It’s getting more and more popular out there in wine world as more hot areas are being planted.

Hot areas are what Viognier needs to ripen properly, so that despite the low yields (not many grapes are grown on each vine) you can still get great wine.

Those hot areas include California, Australia, and this week’s region for New Wine This Week: Southern France.

My choices are:

Majestic Wine
Paul Mas Estate Viognier

Signature Viognier

Elegant Frog

Spirited Wines
Jaboulet Ainé ‘Parallele 45’, Côtes de Rhône, 2012

Have great weeks.


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