NWTW #52 – The Wines of Stunning Veneto

Italy, New Wine This Week, Reds, Whites

week 52 lake garda

Veneto is a region of Italy up in the North East. It’s between the southern foothills of the Dolomite mountain range to the north and the plains and hill ranges of Emilia Romagna to the south. To the west is Lake Garda, to the east is Venice and the sea beyond. I know, right? Beautiful stuff.

#NWTW Week 39: What To Eat With Prosecco

Italy, New Wine This Week, Sparkling

week 39 risotto

Prosecco is usually used as that perfect “start of the evening” drink. It’s tasty, clean, crisp, a great palate cleanser, and most of all, completely inoffensive. I can’t work out there’s much you can dislike about the taste of it. Feel free to comment if you disagree, but I think you’re being horribly picky if you do!

#NWTW Week 39: Prosecco

Italy, New Wine This Week, Sparkling

week 13 italian flag

Basically I got in there quick before Any this week, and am heading off to Italy again for another wine that’s much maligned recently. I’m determined to spend this week getting people to drink it and love it for what it is. It’s Prosecco from North East Italy.