Working Together From The Get Go

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One of the most striking things about this Vineyard Olympics that I went to in the week was that it happened at all. The atmosphere between the vineyards was fantastic. I’m not going to be naive and say that everyone gets on like best buds all the time, that’d be pretty much impossible, but the fact that people gave up their days to show up and get together with great spirit shows a lot about what’s great with UK vineyards right now.

The Vineyard Olympics

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I get pretty lucky to get invited these days to some pretty cool events. Following my trip to Hambledon in Hampshire a few weeks back I was invited back to the county to check out the UK Vineyard Olympics. Well, I say UK, it was Hampshire vs Sussex. And I say Olympics, not sure cork bobbing made it to Rio. Their loss, eh?

#NWTW 56 – Isn’t It Too Cold To Grow Grapes In England?

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This is an incredibly apt post to be writing today, as I look out on another grey sky in London. England (and Wales) is famous, or should I say infamous, for dreadful weather! It always rains here doesn’t it? Grapes need sunshine more than anything to ripen properly. How does it work over here?