English Wines Win Big @ CSWWC 2017

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This years Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championship has recently announced its medal winners for 2017 and it was wonderful to see so many English and Welsh Wine Makers scooping gold medals. It’s just further proof that wine making in England and Wales is on the up and here to stay!

Move Over Poldark, I Need The Cave!!

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I’ve just had a piece released on The Buyer about a trip I did recently down to Sussex to go learn all about making sparkling wine. It was a room full of English sparkling wine makers, and hosted by the 3 judges of the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships. Lot of great info flowing around, but even more fun went the chat went a bit off piste, and the dreamy ideas started flowing!

Asda Brings The World “Progrigio”

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I saw this one in the press this last week just gone, and I reminded myself about it today as I was chatting with a winemaker from Friuli, the spiritual home of top drawer Pinot Grigio. Asda, one of the big four supermarkets in the UK, have devised an interesting way of getting around the rising price of the UK’s tipple of the decade, Prosecco…

Hambledon Trip #4 – What’s Better Than Bubbles And A Summertime Braai?

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Ok, finally, we can talk about the main event; the wine tasting. Helena, Joe, Bryony, and I were all facted out, hungry, and extremely thirsty. The boys and girls at Hambledon had promised us a BBQ and wine tasting day, and we’d been on our vineyard and winery tours with the smell of the marinading meat lingering excruciatingly in the air. Well the time for talk was over, the glasses were polished, the corks were popped, and the Zimbabwean head of sales, Steve Lowrie, took the pride of place for any African, right next to the BBQ!