New Wine This Week 60 – What Has IGT Helped Us Discover?

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60 - boot of italy

The thing about IGT is that it’s given the opportunity for growers across Italy to get out those local grapes, dust them off, and make some quality wine out of it. IGT is a regional thing, so you get IGT Campania, or IGT Toscana. Within those IGT’s though, certain grapes more than others have become little stars that we’re all loving to drink across the globe.

New Wine This Week 58 – What and Where is Gigondas?

France, New Wine This Week, Reds

58 - Delboy

“Chateauneuf Du Pape!” Anyone who’s ever watched Only Fools and Horses will have heard Delboy shouting this one out when something’s not gone great for him and his brother Rodney. Such is the fame of the AOC, it even made it into Delboy’s script! It’s definitely the most famous in the Southern Rhône.

#NWTW 54 – What We Thought Of Catalan Wine Week

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3 wines were up this week, and all three from the most famous of the Catalan regions: Priorat DOQ. To an extent I’d messed it up a bit as I’d have liked to have tried a few from round the houses, but 3 wines from the almost-guaranteed-quality of Priorat? I wasn’t going to moan too much.