Provence Rosé – The Serious Side Of Seriously Fun Wines


Right, I might have given the game away a bit much about my guilty pleasure of the film “A Good Year”, but my recent article in The Buyer is up and published.

Here’s my love letter to all things Provence Rosé, on of the most serious “fun” wines money can buy…and should buy!

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Is This The Only 100% Biodynamic AOC in the World?



I’m doing a little bit of work at the minute on rosé from Provence and thought it’d be a good idea, if I’m going to do a half decent job, to do a shed load of background reading on the subject.  It’s incredible how often this happens in wine, but it was another occasion of reading around a subject you assumed would be a bit samey and being completely bloody wrong.  Not only that, but I’ve stumbled across my new favourite wine region.

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Getting Time To Get Your Brosé On

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So the marketing guys and girls have come out with this term “Brosé”. It’s where rosé wines are starting to get guzzled by blokes as well as lasses.   More power to it I reckon, I’m a rosé lover and proud! But why is it something that people still feel like they need to hush up? Why do my mates give me a right old barracking if I ever pick some of the pink?

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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Tough old week last week as a couple of bits of news knocked me and my annoying anxiety issue all over again. I’ll get onto that news some other time, but thankfully it only took 2 days to get my head back straight this time. That’s pretty big progress for me!

#NWTW Week 17: Sunning Grapes in the South of France

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As a British kid growing up in the 1980s, I’m fairly familiar with the South of France.  I’ve got all these memories of family holidays down at campsites on the coast.  Most of these memories revolve around my poor dad having to drive us from Liverpool to Perpignan via the Dover to Calais crossing.  Three screaming kids in the back.  Kylie Minogue’s latest album on repeat all the way.  Dad, thank you for not losing it!