Gratuitous Food Porn At The Primrose Hill Market

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Warning in advance here guys and girls, this is a post about the Primrose Hill food market (10-3 on Saturdays) I’ve been attending with 20h33 for the past few weeks. Those who aren’t comfortable with gratuitous descriptions of amazing food then best look away now! …you all still with me? Lovely stuff!

Keeping Pooch Happy At The Stall

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Each week that I work my market stall with the wines of 20h33, I try and learn something new. Or at least add something new to it. A couple of weeks back I thought about a new marketing gimmick. Dog treats! It’s a dog friendly paradise round my part of London, and I love them, so might as well get them happy before their owners try a tipple, eh? But something slightly weird came out of it! 

Market Stalling When It’s Baltic Outside!

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Talking about throwing yourself in at the deep end! It’s tough enough setting up a market stall when you’ve never done it before, add that to the task of trying to sell wine at 10am in a food market, then add it to…well you get the picture. But without a doubt the toughest thing over the last two weekends has been the temperature.

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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This Week's

Afternoon all. Hope the day’s treating you all well so far. I’ve been out and about trying to get back into my running routine despite the fact it’s knocking on 0 degrees outside at the minute. All the accounting I was talking about last week is soooo nearly there now that I can live like a normal human being again and come out of the cave that is my office.

Biting Your Tongue With Wine Know-It-All’s

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We’ve all met them before. I used to work with a few of them. And I’m not sure they have any idea how daft they sound when they talk. It’s the wine know-it-all. Seldom right, but never in doubt, they manage to hit that exact level of knobbishness that I’m desperately trying to avoid as I go forward as a wine-o.

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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week ahead

I know, funny day for the week to start isn’t it? Well given that I work all weekend I thought it might be a good idea to take at least one day off a week to stop myself from going completely nuts. Tuesdays it is, so Wednesday is my new Monday. Hope it’s not going to mess anyone up!

This week it’s all going to be about my first session with a market stall at the Primrose Market. The ups and downs over the day were a massive learning experience. I’ll let you know how I got on.

I’m also in the process of finalising some business plans for a couple of projects in 2016. My first fully fledged business plans at that. All fun and games and once again, everyday is a school day. I’ll be chatting about how crash courses in accountancy and bottles of wine go pretty well together.

I also had a couple of occasions last week where I had to put up with a couple of wine Know-It-Alls. I’ll be talking about the usual guff that people come out with and how I manage to let it go…eventually.

I’ll finish off with a post about my final semester of the WSET Diploma. What am I looking forward to and what the road blocks are at the minute.

Hope you all have great weeks