New Wine This Week 59 – H is for…Time To Vote!

New Wine This Week


So it seems that H wasn’t the easiest one for us all. We’ve got the quota of five, but only just. Nice thing is that we’ve got plenty of variety to have a go at, so get voting for what we’re going to do next week.

Normal voting rules apply, one vote each and we’ll close it in a few days.  I’ve got 5 options for you to have a go at, a pretty diverse bunch they are too!  What do you all fancy doing?

New Wine This Week 58 – Grenache, the Silent Assassin

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58 - silent assassin

Amongst all the famous “international” grape varieties, I reckon Grenache is one of the least talked about. Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon. We’ve all heard of them. Grenache is that grape that they dabble with in Spain and the South of France a bit, right?

New Wine This Week 58 – What and Where is Gigondas?

France, New Wine This Week, Reds

58 - Delboy

“Chateauneuf Du Pape!” Anyone who’s ever watched Only Fools and Horses will have heard Delboy shouting this one out when something’s not gone great for him and his brother Rodney. Such is the fame of the AOC, it even made it into Delboy’s script! It’s definitely the most famous in the Southern Rhône.

New Wine This Week 58 – GIGONDAS

France, New Wine This Week, Reds

Flags - France

From the looks of the voting nearly half of you who voted will be pretty chuffed with this result. I’ll be honest, so am I. I’ve recently had the pleasure of being involved with a marketing push from the Rhone Wines board, and loved every minute of it. So bring on more of it!!!

New Wine This Week #57 – What We Thought of Fermentation Week

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#57 - food and wine

For fermentation week you need to read Carbonic Maceration week. And from that read Beaujolais. Yes there are other wines round the world made in this method, but Beaujolais is the most available for us all, so there we are. That’s what we all tried this week. Lovely ruby red, light, and fruity Beaujolais.