Trying Rhone Wines

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So last week I headed down to this Rhone touch exhibition. As I said yesterday it was run by the Rhone wine marketing board in partnership with Central Saint Martins Art School. As much as having a great time and seeing all the cool stuff the students had come up with, it was also about getting the punters to have a try of the range of Rhone wines. How can you get stuck in yourself?

The Christmas Boozing Diary

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I don’t think I went all that mad this Christmas just gone. When you work with wine all year round it’s not really a big release or anything. It’s your job, it’s your passion, and when it comes to celebration times I find myself picking other vices to go nuts with instead (chocolate!). Still had a couple though…

#NWTW Week 45: Sun, Big Hills and Lots of Wind

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We’ve already had a week on the Southern Rhône. Seem to remember we did a week on Grenache from there. Grenache needs lots of hot sun to ripen properly, and that’s what you get down by the coast there. So what about Syrah a bit further north and inland?

#NWTW Week 17: Sunning Grapes in the South of France

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As a British kid growing up in the 1980s, I’m fairly familiar with the South of France.  I’ve got all these memories of family holidays down at campsites on the coast.  Most of these memories revolve around my poor dad having to drive us from Liverpool to Perpignan via the Dover to Calais crossing.  Three screaming kids in the back.  Kylie Minogue’s latest album on repeat all the way.  Dad, thank you for not losing it!