Why Merlot Is Now The Confirmed King Of Bordeaux

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Will the world open their wallets to the best wines of Chile?

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The wines of the New World nailed it during the nineties and noughties on the shelves of the supermarkets in the UK. The French, the Italians, even the Spanish were blasted away by low priced but solid quality wines from the varietals everyone had heard of. Chilean wine was up there in the crow’s nest of this move but, like many others, the move from low margin, high volume wines to showing off the best that country can offer is a tricky one.

Getting My US Clients Drinking Merlot!

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Has anyone seen the film SideWays? It’s about a wine nerd taking his non-wine nerd mate on a trip to Santa Barbara County to taste their way through a few glasses and put the world to right. It’s a really good watch, even if you don’t like wine. But allegedly it became responsible for a change in the way Americans saw certain wines, a view point that all these years on, still seems to be knocking around.

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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This Week's

Afternoon all. Hope the day’s treating you all well so far. I’ve been out and about trying to get back into my running routine despite the fact it’s knocking on 0 degrees outside at the minute. All the accounting I was talking about last week is soooo nearly there now that I can live like a normal human being again and come out of the cave that is my office.

#MWWC 18: Crisis – Det Er Dritt Varmt!!!

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Anyone know any Norwegian? No? Right, well a bit of translation is in order then! I’ve been spending a few days with my in-laws and they’ve taught me a bit more slang. Roughly translated it means “it’s shit warm!” Apparently a lot of people use it as an expression, although I’m not going to test it too far just in case they’re winding me up!

#NWTW Week 27: The Verdict On Chilean Merlot

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This weekend I was out in Norway for a family birthday so it gave me a great opportunity to have a go at a wine from the Vinmonopolet. Those of you who don’t know, people in Norway have to buy their wine from government shops. On the upside you get a huge choice from all the way around the world, on the downside the choice is their choice, not yours. When it came to Chilean Merlot for example, there were (I think I’m right in saying) 50 different ones on offer. Not sure what the point of that is in fairness, but at least I managed to get hold of one without much hassle.

#NWTW Week 27: Food Pairing with Chilean Merlot

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Merlot’s one of those wines that’s made all over the place.  That being the case you’re pretty lucky when it comes to the “eat what the locals eat” mantra.  Only thing you’ve got to think about is the style of Merlot that you’re going to be drinking.

#NWTW Week 27: The Taste of Chilean Merlot

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As from last yesterday’s post, you know what the Chile producers have done in the past.  Keep it cheap, simple, and good.  The Merlot they produce has had a consistent style of medium bodied, and very much a fruit driven wine.  That is, it’ll taste like blackcurrants and dark cherries, maybe a bit of plum thrown in for good measure.

#NWTW Week 27: Merlot from Chile (Part Two)

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As Ant rightly pointed out in his post, we haven’t had a red wine for a while, so in honour of the country’s footie team being one of the absolute highlights of the soccerball world cup, we’re heading off to Chile, for their take on one of the most famous red grapes in the world of wine; Merlot.

#NWTW Week 18: What Did I Reckon to Lebanese Red?

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It’s funny, as I’m comfortably inside my fourth decade on the planet those hangovers are getting less and less forgiving.  A great friend was over from Norway this weekend so on Saturday we followed him around Soho and ended up in a pub called De Hems.  4 hours of Belgian beers later and Sunday became a write off.  Was I really in the mood to do some wine tasting?  Not especially, but I got my chin up and I jogged on!